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Oosterhout, of course

The municipality Oosterhout has more then 55 thousand inhabitants and almost 5 thousand small businesses and large enterprises. It is an important town with a good living environment, excellent facilities and a diverse business structure. Nearby are not only the cities of Breda (183 thousand inhabitants) and Tilburg (215 thousand inhabitants), but also a wide variety of nature – polder landscapes, forests and the famous National Park Biesbosch – and recreational facilities for water sports, soccer, tennis, hockey, golf, hiking and cycling.

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Good living environment

Oosterhout offers a great diversity of residential environments: from living in the town centre itself, to dwellings near the polder or at the edge of the forest. The inhabitants are pleased with the living environment in Oosterhout and give that a rating of 7.5 out of 10.

Excellent business climate

Companies are also satisfied with Oosterhout. They give the business climate a rating of 7 out of 10. Particularly pleased are the entrepreneurs about the accessibility of their Business Park or Industrial Estate and the nearby highways, waterway and railroad. Business who have established themselves in Oosterhout, did this mainly because of the available space, the good sales market and the excellent location.

Industrial Estate Weststad

Industrial Estate Weststad is the biggest Industrial estate in Oosterhout and accessible by road, rail and canals, without any ship locks or low bridges to negotiate. Weststad counts over 150 companies where more than 3.7 thousand people are employed. It includes the distribution centers for big companies like IKEA (XPO Supply Chain) and LG (Hi Logistics).

Big potential labour force

The labour market is not confined to the borders of the municipality. Oosterhout is centrally located in the region Breda–Tilburg and can therefore drill into a big potential labour force. With the presence of all type of education in this region, companies have a wide variety of potential staff at there disposal: from professionals with lower vocational education, to highly trained academics.
The active labour force in the agglomeration Oosterhout–Breda is about 129 thousand persons. About 8 thousand persons are registered as seeking employment. The majority of them has a lower or secondary education and ditto professional level, but 13 percent has a high education and 4 percent a higher or scientific professional level.

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