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Security of business parks

Oosterhout has about 725 acres of industrial estates, spread over seven locations. In 1996 Foundation Security business parks Oosterhout (SBBO) has begun to better secure business parks in Oosterhout. Currently, five different business areas are already protected with about 50 cameras. And with success, the crime rate is since placing the cameras plummeted.

With the support of the municipality of Oosterhout SBBO hopes to continue to grow. In addition to all of its obligations SBBO has repaid the loan of the Rabobank whereby the letter of guarantee for a loan is extended.

Organisational change

With the financial support, the Foundation will undergo an important organisational change. SBBO is currently being organized by volunteers, they approach companies that have not yet connected. With more manpower and financial resources, can this approach be professionalised. SBBO Gets a new Board, the current Board consists of entrepreneurs which in addition to their own busy work have put a lot of energy in this project. In the new Board representatives of the industrial parks will take a seat. Also is an advisory body, it will include the municipality seat.

Unique project that grows

SBBO has rigged a unique project in recent years as regards the various areas and complexity. In order to achieve project grant an acquisition had to be saved, again this is successful. SBBO sees her future rosy in and with the support of the municipality, Rabobank and affiliated companies, the project will certainly grow.


As a participant in the security concept do you have a number of qualitative and financial benefits that ensure optimal addition and saving on the security of your business premises, staff and goods. Below is a brief overview of the benefits.


  • 24 hours a day 7 days a week preventive camera surveillance;
  • Fast response to an internal or emergencies;
  • Prevention, identification, registration and response in one system;
  • Complies with legally required 2nd verification of alarms;
  • Cost savings by purchasing benefits and cooperation;
  • Usable images for detection by police & justice


  • Purchase discount for Safety & Security up tot 29 percent
  • Discount for Insurance premiums up to 15 percent

More information

Map of business parks PDF, 342 KB

Questions? Call Gemeente Oosterhout, tel nr 0031-162-489401